Not every rape victim is a drunk twenty-year-old in a miniskirt

In some newspapers there are two types of rape: rape by filthy foreigners which they should hang for; and rape of drunk young slappers who climb into bed with a strange drunk man and then wonder why in the world he’s having sex with them–surely they were asking for it?

Ann Widdecombe enlightens the Express readership:

“Rape is always wrong but so are theft, murder and other crimes yet, while we all accept that we have a responsibility to avoid exposing ourselves to those dangers, it is somehow argued that rape is something which one need not take any steps to prevent. That is absurd.

If I leave a purse lying around or my house unlocked or my car  window open that does not make me guilty of theft but it does make me  responsible for facilitating it, even if the act of stealing is of course that of the thief alone.

Similarly if a girl wears very little, gets inebriated and climbs into bed with a likewise inebriated man she is asking for trouble big time.”

There, it’s in the last line. Argh, it’s tabloid rape! Just like accepting some responsibility for one’s murder or burgled house, one naturally takes some responsibility for one’s rape. This is a rather bizarre rationale yet it insidiously prevails in the press.

Ann, like many other social conservatives, likes to think that rape is a kind of symptom of contemporary women’s aberrant behaviour wrought by “women’s lib and the gradual death of the protective instinct in men”.

The tabloid rape fallacy ignores some uncomfortable truths like most rape victims knowing their perpetrator. But ignorant commentators like to peddle the lie that somehow, really, sorry but you have to confess–she kind of had it coming. This is indefensible and easily repudiated by statistics which abound on the internet, just a few clicks away. But never let facts get in the way of a good Tory.


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