Littlejohn gaybashing again

June 1, 2010

Angry Mob has it here…


The Babel of Richard Littlejohn

May 18, 2010

Perhaps the best way to penetrate the incomprehensible logic of a tabloid columnist is do to some translating. Using Google Translate I translated Littlejohn’s latest from English to Arabic, German, Hebrew, Chinese and back to English. It now makes much more sense.

Only 75 grams of blind guards in the Council did not clean up the mess, he’s a dog in the library.
艾 伯特麦克 Faure, from Renfrew, Scotland, were handed £ 40 fixed penalty, but he did not do anything Labrador gold, copper, and it is just a waste piece of work.
As expected, the knowledge, not to mention the mountains? He is blind, but why.
If the guide dog is a clue. Therefore, the dog must be registered Albert disabled permit use of headlights.
He said he did not call for his death. Although the disorder is a nuisance dog, but its soil and debris on the sidewalk or large children’s playground.
Albert said: “I know rules are rules, I did not then the next person’s address, but it is not true.
He said he had received a warning, but the guards were punished only interested in name and a fine version.
What old blind fool’s heart refused to provide benefits, even if they committed a crime, technically easier?
But the “rule system is a tyrant Brett does not make sense, in the centuries. Experience the complete line Albert dwarf” n’safety verify the identity of the madness to my readers sent me weekly.
Alice O’Brien of Bognor Regis, said the e-mail, their hands, the Gatwick Airport cup casserole holiday in Turkey – as a means of combating terrorism, so the law is just a small example of animal .
In Havant, Hants, to prevent young people from buying motorcycle repair a hole on this basis will be more likely to be the smell of glue.
Even if it is accompanied by 17 years) from his father 丹尼尔科特 Trail and sales staff is still not much of 99p. The store owner said he was the police recommendations.
Without the use of any information or common sense, anyway.
You did not think of a shop or evidence of the guidance idiot, “a book of Daniel plastic smell, but really wants to buy a large tub with glue, and this hole reform? Read the rest of this entry »