Venal Penality

November 27, 2010

Glad to see that Biffo and his mates have finally capitulated and realised that to better survive a spell in the financial penitentiary requires a delicate receptivity to the probing tumescence of one’s burly financial overlord cellmates. But Fianna Fail may not have realised that putting out for Bubba would be quite as circumferentially painful as a possible interest rate as large as 6.7 per cent. Lubeless love courtesy of the IMF.


Another hijacking by the global markets

May 11, 2010

Whew! The markets posted their biggest one-day gains in a year thanks to a trillion-dollar bailout by the EU and IMF. Having induced a global recession and fleeced taxpayers, the hostage takers are back with more ransom demands. But surely paying EUR750 billion to rescue Greece is worth staving off the panic for a while until another EU country realises its bankruptcy. Then the markets can take financial stability hostage again and we can have another ‘please, don’t hurt her, we have the money’ moment, while we toss the bulging briefcase to a sweaty and clearly volatile suited man with a gun. And there I went thinking that you were never meant to give a ransom to a hijacker.