Violence against children is OK; it must be true, it’s in the newspapers

January 4, 2010

It always starts with a study. Marjorie Gunnoe, professor of psychology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has carried out research demonstrating that children who get a bit of a smacking fare better than their un-smacked counterparts in adulthood.

Keyword of the last paragraph: Calvin. He’s the man who created Calvinism. For the enlightenment of the uninitiated, that’s a variant of Christianity.

Ms Gunnoe is a professor of psychology at a Christian college. Their mission statement contains this nugget: ‘We pledge fidelity to Jesus Christ’. This in itself doesn’t discredit the research, rather it behoves the journalist who cites the ‘study’ to disclose the potentially biased background in which the research was conducted. Neither The Times, The Daily Express, The Telegraph nor The Daily Mail did this when they lazily, bovinely and uncritically published the conclusions of the research. But the damage is done. This story has gone viral and there’s no stopping it.

This could be a brilliant and rigorous study but the trouble is you won’t find it anywhere. At least I didn’t. No link to it appeared in the above articles and I couldn’t find it anywhere in a search engine, despite a frenzied array of search-term permutations. It never appeared. Nor did the biggest newpapers in the land reveal to the dupable reader the name of the prestigious journal in which the study appeared. Absolutely nothing. The British nationals simply gulped it down without a grimace, when they should have gagged on it.

It is quite possible that the only thing this study proves is that national newspapers don’t give a cuddly cudgel about checking their facts, and that a substantial tranche of the national press practically exults in stories which surreptitiously advocate violence against children.

It’s a wet dream for family advocacy groups, authoritarians and tabloid readers everywhere. Proof that the loony-left have spared the rod and spoiled the children with their progressive pacifism. None of your PC-gone-mad/yuman rights, just a good leathering like what we used to do when we won the war. Obviously children need a smack every once in a while to safeguard against them becoming undisciplined chavs or godless homos.

These ‘studies’ seem thin on study but conspicuously good at absolving you of the guilt you’re suffering from being physically aggressive to your children.  Sorry, I meant smacking. Because there is an important distinction. Apparently.


The Telegraph’s blatant humping of the bankers’ leg

December 8, 2009

Labour have been recently accused of exhuming class politics in order to win votes so it’s hardly surprising that they are intent on increasing higher tax rates. How strange, we thought they were in politics to lose elections. The Telegraph is on hand to administer a good leathering.

They claim that Alistair Darling will be signing a ‘electoral suicide note’ by taxing the rich instead of heeding the advice of The Centre For Policy Studies and reducing taxation and public spending. The Centre for Policy Studies which, in researching economics, has yet to come up with a single original idea. Lower taxes, cut spending. That’s avant-garde economics for you. The Telegraph exclaims:

We do not trust this Government to regulate bonuses without damaging the dynamism of the City of London. Moreover, a windfall tax can easily become a smokescreen for a broader raid on the salaries of Britain’s wealth creators.

The City of London has been very dynamic in recent years. Oh yes. It’s been dynamically imprudent with the finances of the private sector to the consequence of the worst recession in a generation. We’ll have another few helpings of that dynamism, please Mr Banker.

And then the egregious human rights violation of taxing ‘Britain’s wealth creators’. Oh, a raid on the salaries of Britain’s wealth creators, how terrible. You mean if the yacht has to go, Mr benevolent banker will not be able to face another day playing pension roulette for a pittance? Mr Darling, how could you! But the Telegraph doesn’t stop there. The Telegraph has divined and knows what will happen if the rich are unfairly taxed. Darling’s plans would:

wreck the finances of those aspiring professionals and young entrepreneurs who are essential to Britain’s recovery from recession, driving many more abroad

Did you see it? That’s the locus of the argument right there. We’ve seen it before, this sophism. Many more abroad. How we can dream of a utopian future when many more will be abroad. This sounds like a threat and it’s meant to be. We are supposed to quiver at the thought of our exiled wealth creators. The rest of us coolies left behind, utterly devoid of talent, in a languishing economy because our munificent wealth creators have fled, no longer capable of enduring the privations of their dented salaries.

And where might they fly? I hear that the Jovian moons are very attractive tax havens. Back on Earth, though, we are in an economic quagmire. If these skittish wealth creators, on whom we all seem to depend on so much, flee abroad they might find that they were better off in London. This is nothing more than a form of blackmail and it’s been used many times before. The public is duped into believing that exorbitant salaries are justified when they clearly are not. But the economic elite don’t stop there. They think they can foist their guilt trips on the taxpayer in the wake of a staggering economic fuck-up that many of these wealth creators were directly or indirectly responsible for. It’s time to stop bullshitting a dupable public.

The Daily Mail thinks Ireland is part of United Kingdom

November 28, 2009

The Daily Mail published a typical article on immigration and the NHS. More shocking than the fact that NHS hospitals are teeming with foreigners is the revelation that the Republic of Ireland has recently joined the United Kingdom

United: Broken Britain gets a boost through acquisition of new territory

Bloodthirsty commenters at The Mail

September 15, 2009

Some Mail readers were particularly happy with this story about a soldier who received a medal for mortally skewering a Taliban fighter with his bayonet. We expect enemies to die in war but it’s dysfunctional for people to revel in their deaths. Respect to Iain from Horsham for his sensitive and thoughtful reflection on Johnny Taliban’s untimely demise: “Well done, they don’t like it up Em !” Proof that not all commenters at the Daily Mail are barbarous authoritarians.

Mail readers exult in raghead death